Who we are

 CBI is a central European human therapeutics company in the biotechnologythe industry that integrates a molecular biology platform with drug development andcommercial expertise in discovering and developing disease therapy.At CBI we are driven by our commitment to cutting-edge science as we attempt todevelop bioactive molecule treatments that positively impact patient‘s lives.We work with top European researchers, doctors, health experts, and other partnerswho share our vision.

The head specialists

of the company are specialists in the sphere of medicine, pharmacy, molecular biology, and veterinary medicine. Their professional knowledge and experience from this sphere of research and development, on which they participated during their professional carrier in other companies, are an invaluable asset for the company.

Project partner

Our company is a cooperating organization in the project « Research of new systems for local use, containing specific bacteriophages as high specialized antibody in the sphere of diagnosis and therapy of autonomic diseases » in the branch 030499 (Other related branches of biotechnology in health service).


Martina Vulganova

represents company in the position of general director.

Martina has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in various positions since 2002. During her practice, she was responsible for sales, strategy development, implementation, and the management of KEE managers in the hospital and prescription product segment. She has deep knowledge of healthcare system and as well she is very skilled in KEE management within majorities of specializations. She was a member of an international team, and participated in the development of strategy and marketing activities for EU countries. More

Elena Marusakova

represent company as executive director responsible for quality, medical and scientific issues, regulatory and pharmacovigilance.

Elena worked for nine years in the pharmaceutical industry in various management and leadership positions. She was responsible for the management and implementation of drug registration, price setting, categorization of drugs, drug quality management, medical support, and pharmacovigilance. More